What has PCPM to offer?

Berend Puts has an extensive experience in the area of traffic management and in-car systems. He has worked for several years in all the domains, and has learned what are the strong areas, what are the weak areas, and what can bring them together. His knowledge is not based on a theoretical view of the problem area, but based on hands on, and practical, experience.

From this, Berend Puts can help to work out study areas for your organization in to a practical and proven approach. Also he can take the role of project manager to actually implement programs. Further more he can give trainings to help organizations to work out ideas in the area of network wide traffic management. Both from the viewpoint of a road authority, and from the service provider.

As a leading consultant in the Netherlands in the area of establishing cooperation and standardization between road authorities and private parties, he can also assist in setting up these kinds of programs.

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