Customer quotes

See what customers said about Berend Puts.

ANWB (Monique van der Sanden): Next to bringing in knowledge, Berend is also capable to offer cooperation like being a collegue.

ANWB (Monique van der Sanden): Berend took up the responsibility to achieve our goals with a very knowlegible approach. 

Vialis (Peter Dubbelman): Berend added a professional view to project management. He was an example on how project management can be performed in an environment with a high level of IT, systems integration and services.

City of The Hague (Rutger Wierda): Berend combines specialist knowledge in the area of Dynamic Traffic Management with project management skills. His knowledge on the boundary of traffic and information technology had as a result that an extensive project, of which little knowledge was present in the department, could be performed. Berend was able to manage this complex project without external help. Key words: flexible, focussed on results and as a collegue.

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