City of The Hague

2012 - current

For the city of The Hague Berend is responsible for extending the existing traffic management systems to an level where network wide traffic management is supported and that comply to the cooperative model for regional coordination of traffic management.

For this, the data collection has to be extended with online data from traffic light installations, and connections have to be made to parking guidance systems and traffic management systems of other road authorities.

Berend was also managing on a national level a project to define protocol standards for connecting traffic management centers.

2008 - 2010

For the City of The Hague, Berend is responsible for setting up an Urban Traffic Management Centre (UTMC). Real-time travel time data is supplied by the National Data Warehouse, a national initiative. Network management is one of the key components to reduce congestion and the negative impacts of road traffic.


For this Berend has to start up all the necessary projects and select the suppliers to perform the projects.

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