2003 - 2004

For a large service provider for telematic services in the automotive area, Berend performed a survey to determine the opportunities for the implementation of location based services and navigation based on mobile technology.

During this period Berend performed a technical evaluation of off-board navigation solutions and defined the infrastructure needed for combining this with the existing back office environment.  Berend also worked out several business cases to determine the feasibility of the possible solutions.


Worked as a business developer to position the client in the international market as a service provider for location based services on a European level. 

For this Berend was responsible for performing an international market survey in the areas of hardware, technology and automotive industry, to define and develop the commercial prospects, and possible options for a market introduction. During this period Berend build up an international network in the areas above.

The client is a large service provider for telematic services in the automotive area.

2001 - 2002

Worked as a project manager on an innovative project, where the client aims to implement an environment in which the centralised data (GIS) is made available to car drivers, on a personalised and location based manner.

Berend was, as project manager, responsible for the implementation project, which had to define the technical infrastructure, implement a prototype and develop the final product.

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